Finances, EDU & Digital Automation

Reconciling complex financial accounts, building successful master data management strategies and supporting teams in their digital transformation journey.

Rule of Law & Digital Generation

Building and Strengthening Local and Global Communities by supporting Equal Access to Justice and the Rule of Law for the Digital Generation who grew up with equal opportunities in activities like video games, as well as supporting with Contracts, Arbitration, and Mediation.

Filmmaking & Digital Media

Producing web pages and promotional videos to support entrepreneurs, philanthropists and companies to share their unique story with the ideal audience.

Our Commitment to the
Environment Environment Environment & Sustainability!

We are actively reducing our carbon footprint including the use of recycled materials, 100% plant based food during our productions, as well as ecofriendly GreenGeeks® hosting.

About Jasmine

With over 15 years of diverse hands-on financial experience from San Diego to New York City and overseas and from Start Ups to Fortune 500 companies and Non-Profits, my expertise include analyzing and structuring financial data with mathematical precision, as well as proficiency in financial master data and reconciliation. My social responsibility includes researching legal charity criteria in the USA, South Africa, UK and Switzerland.


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About Nicolas

I am passionate about Sustainability, Philanthropic Entrepreneurship, as well as NextGen Marketing and I am looking for a forward thinking established company or startup that wants to capture the new consumer generation and benefit from a first hand Gen Y and Gen Z view point.


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Nicolas and Jasmine Radcliffe

The Digital Generation is about “we” and so are we. “We” get the job done together ❤️

Since 2011 our Pro Bono work involved interviewing Analog and Digital Generations spanning 3 Continents on their perspectives regarding different topics, including the public Educational System, Moral Codes and Integrity, with the overall purpose of how to practically make the world a better place for all.

In addition to Sustainability and Philanthropic Entrepreneurship, we are also passionate about Intercultural and Interspiritual Understanding, Circular Economy Solutions and Restorative Justice and Practices, and we incorporated our knowledge and shared interest into the Law+Love™ Educational System* for children that are inheriting the Earth.


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for Children that are Inheriting the Earth

Our Commitment to
Social Social Social Responsibility!

Last but not least…

In addition to our Pro Bono work, we donate 10% of our profit to non-profit projects of LoveLsTzy® Association

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