About The Project

(Code named) “The Millennial Millennium Project” is an upcoming multi-media initiative that uses familiar characters to make us feel safe to express ourselves and bring us back to a place where we viewed the world with infinite possibilities for our future and a place where we feel a sense of community and purpose.

The Millennial’s are inheriting the earth now and it’s up to this generation to find solutions to social, environmental and economic problems for future generations.

Many are discouraged, many have given up, it’s time to rise.

A large part of the project will focus on multi-media expression through sharing writing, videos, music and games between participants to promote and enhance the self esteem of Millennials and others. We aim to instill a sense of competence, usefulness, belonging and influence.  This project will show that anyone can make a positive difference in their community.

Pokemon Go Revealed This

The Pokemon Go boom of summer 2016 showed us publicly that many in the Millennial generation felt very lonely and isolated and that Pokemon Go helped them get outside and socialize in the real world. With crowds of people playing, it made going out and catching Pokemon socially acceptable without judgement. However for many, this was short lived as when the hype and popularity settled down, many returned to the caves of their homes, waiting to return again when the world supports them in a way they feel comfortable to come out. This project will be that support, both online and offline.

Jason Paige: Singer for the original Pokemon Theme

Jason Paige’s website: www.jasonpaige.com

All Pokemon characters, logos, names and anything affiliated is owned by the Pokemon Company and Nintendo. LoveLsTzy® Association is not officially affiliated with The Pokemon Company or Nintendo. Media from Jason Paige, used with permission.