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Jasmine Lovelstzy® is a 01 mathematician, filmmaker, and environmentalist.

Jasmine was brought up in a family of academics and scientists so religion never played a part in her upbringing even though she has priestly ancestors in her family tree. Jasmine, however, always had some kind of spiritual connection that she could never find among her immediate family. Since a young age, Jasmine questioned human existence and her place in the world.

When she was fifteen years old, she started writing her diary. These are the first few questions she wrote:

Dear G’d,
Who am I?
Where Do I Come From?
Why Am I Here?

Jasmine is using both her academic studies in mathematics, theology, and filmmaking, as well as her personal experiences and painting, to connect Geometry and Love. She believes we are all Children of this Planet with different backgrounds and connections to The Universe and that we do not need to feel alone. She is using the film media to build bridges between different cultures and religions and invites people to share a fruit-based meal together.

To my Mom, who dedicated her entire life to me and my visions, by reminding me to never forget the pure love with which she single raised me.

Jasmine LoveLsTzy® at Union Square NYC

Jasmine LoveLsTzy®


  • Financial Analyst
  • LoveLsTzy® System Actor
  • Film director
  • Film producer with LoveLsTzy® Studios
YEARS ACTIVE 2002–present
WORKS Filmography

  • Micha & Galib

Synopsis for her latest film Refugee Child:

Jasmine, a lifelong imaginative and energetic girl feels she’s going in circles in finding home again after disappearance of her native land, while trying to tell her story of not taking sides. Her psychiatrist suggests she finds a support group with other refugees. She is thrown off even further as they shock her with their own experiences. Will she peace together her shattered past and find purpose on Earth or loose her mind in the process?