Zurich’s Detective Pikachu Pre-Screening

With Detective Pikachu’s release on May 10th, 2019 coming soon, the anticipation of the fanbase is becoming restless. In Zurich Switzerland, this is no exception. A group of fans have decided to rent out a theater for a special pre-screening the night before the International release to host a Detective Pikachu party at Arena Sihl City. The theater needs 35-40 to make the event happen.

The group was created back in September 2018 and are now just a few seats away from securing their event. Ticket prices are slightly higher at 25CHF per person as opposed to the usual 15CHF per person. But it’s a small price to pay to have fun and watch with likeminded players and people you know.

Some of the members recently participated in the 1st Pokémon Earth Day Trash Cleanup Event in Switzerland that LoveLsTzy® Association organized. After taking care of the environment, it’s time to relax and enjoy some Pokémon fun on the big screen!

You can join the telegram link here:


If you join the group and plan to attend, make sure to write +1, or if you plan to come with a friend +2, etc to accurately reflect the number of taken seats.

Please note, this is for the English release. A secondary telegram group is petitioning for a German-language private screening as well: Detektiv Pikachu (Deutsch)


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Nicolas Radcliffe is a Published Author, Music Composer, and Co-Founder of LoveLsTzy® Association, a non- profit organization based on Lake Zurich (Stäfa) in Switzerland. As one of the worlds leading experts on innovating the non-profit sector, his passion is to solve global problems using gamified technology and community-based activities. He outlines this in his book “The Future of Charity – The Pokémon Generation”

Nicolas Radcliffe