April 2017

April 4, 2017 (last edited August 2017)
This is what Nicolas has put together to help us move forward to the next step 🙂
Before I begin, this is not perfect. It’s a draft, so have that in mind. We spent the last two weeks aligning our visions between the two of us and others we spoke to. This is a decision making bubble for all of us now. Once each of us is comfortable to be a part of this, we can then move into the next phase which is to revise the by-laws and submit a draft to the tax office for exemption. Then it takes about 3 months of correspondence with the tax office and revising again (probably several times), so during this time we can still adjust and change things up to the final revision, which would be in about 3 months (October 2017). Thank you all for being a part of this 1st step of The Journey 🙂

 This is a summary of what this non profit is about from our view point. We funneled down the concept into this sentence and we invite you to co-create (collaborate):

To create self sustainable educational centers that can be meeting points and provide resources for many people and projects that want to create Sustainable Economy for the next (and current) Generation for the benefit of all, while using 100% Plant Based and Gluten Free Food preferably Organic when possible. 
(In other words, to create physical spaces like a franchise where we all can meet and facilitate each other by honoring a complete individual freedom and autonomy to create the works each one came there to create and make this world a better place for all, while co-creating and honoring the common law and ethics (like road signs) to make sure we don’t step on each other’s toes nor this Earths natural resource thus using 100% Plant and Gluten Free Food (and also while we are traveling and working on our projects, we can have a place we can go for resources 🙂

The original vision of this was a collective one (Which Jasmine started in Cape Town, South Africa with Val Toledo and then Robyn Bridget Liebenberg first saying YES to join hands over 11 years ago with Golden Rainbow Villages based on what originally +Elijah- wrote as the Vision and also before what Muriel Stockdale started in New York with the Spiritual Cinema community). We ended up using Lovelstzy because the name was registered and since now the group is becoming bigger we can shift and use another name (for example similar to Golden Rainbow Villages that includes many other people and their visions that started in South Africa which is called the Rainbow Nation), so Lovelstzy can stay as a project underneath this umbrella project we are all creating now together. If we as a team decide to choose another name that best represents the purpose above, here are our 5 cents for new names and feel free to add yours:
  • iHop (suggested by Thom Jordan)
  • Golbow Ville ( http://GoldenRainbowVillages.com [Golbow (Gol(den)(rain)bow) Ville (village)]
  • Vehicle of the future
  • Ground Floor
  • Forward Floor
  • 4 Walls 4 All (as in “Four Walls for All” meaning everyone needs a room for their projects and to express themselves freely plus to sleep at night 🙂
  • All Space
  • Garage For All (many Silicon Valley start-ups started in a garage 🙂
  • Change Network
  • Network For Change
  • Educational System
  • Network Bridge Change
  • Educational Vehicle
  • Future City
  • Traveling City
  • Traveling Hotel
  • Traveling Caravan
  • Traveling Pods/Capsules ( http://ucd.hwstatic.com/propertyimages/2/267611/30.jpg and/or http://lh3.ggpht.com/-kdAGKFsB7Hg/TloMq2TtpQI/AAAAAAAAP6M/26hj8zTl0cw/capsule-hotel-2.jpg )
  • Didele Namai (suggested by Nicolas Esteban: Which means in Lithuanian big home)
  • Degotoga Centers (suggested by Carolin: the Cherokee Nation literally means ‘STANDING TOGETHER’. Little blurb: https://www.facebook.com/darlenedoll.dotson/posts/886333728128821 The motto or moniker I thought you could use for the centers comes from latin: “Custodiant incendo”, which means “Keep moving forward”.)
  • collab shop (suggested by Bharani based on collaboration as a shop)
  • commutat (suggested by Bharani community habitat)
  • humatel (suggested by Bharani humanity hotel)
  • creativeinn (suggested by Bharani creative + inn)
  • GrowSpace (suggested by Ivan’s Dad)
  • New Earth Vision Portal (suggested by Laura Fox)
  • New Earth (suggested by Laura Fox)
  • Global Synergy (suggested by Laura Fox)
  • incubation hub (suggested by Laura Fox an incubation hub dedicated to creating global synergy among change agents and providing a support platfom for visionary projects)
  • “open space” (suggested by Sonja)
  • “villa seastar” (suggested by Sonja: “i like this animal because it combines two elements water and sky, above and down”)
  • “the Tippi plattform / space / villa / loft” (suggested by Sonja)
  • Future Bridge (suggested by Géraldine)
  • Power Bridge (suggested by Géraldine)
  • The Melting Pot (suggested by Vanja Gutic)
  • Creative Web (suggested by Vanja Gutic)
  • The Hub (suggested by Vanja Gutic)
  • Sustenter (suggested by Vanja Gutic: (Sustainable + Center). Also, Sustenter is a French word (if I translated it correctly) and it means ‘to sustain’)
  • CareSpace (suggested by Rod Wunsch)
  • CareHouse (suggested by Rod Wunsch)
  • CareHaus (suggested by Rod Wunsch)
  • CarePlace (suggested by Rod Wunsch)
  • The Center of Care (suggested by Rod Wunsch)
3. On a practical and operational level:
  • This building/property would function as a permanent space for local people as a live/work space and for traveling people/projects as a temporary space that is rented like a hotel (and local people can become traveling and vice versa traveling people can become local). Members, organizations, projects and individuals that are bringing the humanity forward for the benefit of all, would pay for the use of offices, sleeping spaces, event spaces, film sets and music studios on location. This would be how the project would be self sustainable. (Members can have a discount on renting the space or they can work or exchange/barter)
  • All extra funds would go towards funding charity projects and creating more self-sustainable centers.
  • We can introduce time money. So for every hour we spend towards this project, we can receive time money (Mayor Bloomberg introduced this in NYC at some point), which we can exchange for the use of the facilities or to barter with each other.
  • At least 10% of the space is pro bono and nonprofits and individuals can fill out a form for sponsorship/scholarship for the use of the facilities (this can help for example refugees, students, artists or anyone else that would like to apply).
3.1 The center would have facilities and would support projects that need for example:
  1. To send money to other projects in other countries (Example, South Africa or Mogadishu)
  2. Sleeping space for its crew (example when film crew is traveling)
  3. A space for Educational programs and classes
  4. A shop for Mindful products
  5. A space for Independent Filmmakers (what Jasmine started with a few others in NYC (Film Making Circle))
  6. Computers, software & internet
  7. Information
  8. Transportation like a Bus to take people to and from the center or using as an Event space on Wheels while teaching/learning something (similar to Google)
  9. A shipping address
  10. Cameras and recording equipment
  11. A meeting place for crew and volunteers
  12. Tools for multimedia and Publishing
  13. Ecological support
  14. A place for kids and teens
  15. Plant-based food
  16. A place for Intercultural cooperation
  17. A place for inter-religious cooperation
  18. A neutral and equal space
  19. A space for kids spielgruppes (pre-school or nursery)
  20. A Green screen for special effects
  21. A temporary pro-bono space.
  22. A space for seminars
  23. A recording studio
  24. A space for nonprofits
  25. A space for startups
  26. A space for entrepreneurs
  27. A non-profit to pass on tax-deductible donations to themselves.
  28. A fitness and recreational space
  29. A place for pre-seed funding entrepreneurs
  30. A space for reconciliation
  31. Administration, legal and accounting support
  32. List goes on…
3.2 Just think of how successful Google is for providing their employees with everything they could possibly need to function optimally for all the projects they undertake. But rather than keeping it exclusive for just employees of Google, we want to allow this space we are creating to be for all of humanity who want to learn and move forward without stepping on someone else’s toe.

3.3 Other centers we would open in cities such as:

Cape Town
New York
Los Angeles
San Francisco
Abu Dhabi
New Delhi
Hong Kong
Mexico City
Rio de Janeiro
Kuala Lumpur
Ho Chi Minh

…and first step first: Zurich 🙂

Let us know what you think about this. We love you all.

-Nicolas and Jasmine

“Yes or No” New demo contribution by Ylecas

Yes or No, you decide when
For a sustainable economy for the Next Gen
We’re in this together
we’ve waited forever
The Next Ride is coming,
Are You Ready to Choose?
Our African Hearts and our Swiss Minds
We overcome our challenges with Love everytime.
The Kids of the Future will live on this Earth
A sustainable economy for sure has its worth.

Group hugs

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