1994 Graduation @ Newbold College

crumbs for Refugee Woman Andrews BA Theology at Newbold College

INTRO + If Jesus is coming in 12 hours, am I ready?

Pink Sheep Refugee

PRIVATE: ONLY for Swiss SDA Pastors and Church workers

(and few of my friends who are praying for me)

Dear Pastors of Switzerland from this link https://www.adventisten.ch/kirchgemeinden/pastoren )

First of all I really do apologize writing to all of you, I am just in a dire need for help (looking for Moses to get us out of Egypt 😉 and I don’t want the weight to be all on one person’s shoulder

anyway I just sent this email below to the TED Conference President as well as Adra and then felt the call to send to everyone in Switzerland if possibly one or few of you may know of some kind of a job or a foundation that can help me so I don’t need to go to Social in a day or two (this email is my last resource). Alnatura or Coop gift cards would also help so we can buy some food (we eat raw vegan food like in the Garden of Eden :). Please if you can be so kind to read my pleae below based on Matthew 15 21-28 thanks

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From: Jasmine Radcliffe
Date: Mon, Dec 10, 2018 at 4:43 PM
Subject: crumbs for Refugee Woman Andrews BA Theology at Newbold College
To: , ,
SUBJECT: looking for any kind of Job in Switzerland (cleaning included) (or Europe or UK) to pay the bills

Dear TED President Raafat Kamal and Emma Stickland and ADRA President Joao Martins (would greatly appreciate if someone can please forward this also to President Stephan Sign in Zurich I think we may have been together at Newbold College thanks) (I will also forward to a few of my friends who are praying for me as well as President Dragan Ciric from Novi Sad where I was baptised and President Djordje Trajkovski from Belgrade where I was born :)

Anyway, I was hoping to work for Church somewhere for a long time and only on Friday discovered that there are only men working in Switzerland https://www.adventisten.ch/kirchgemeinden/pastoren The reason I had hope is I studied Theology because I wanted to work for God. So far I was only doing that voluntarily and during the day was working at an office doing finances. I have BA in Theology and 1 year MA in Religion from Andrews University attended at their extension campus: Helderberg College in South Africa 1990-1993 and Newbold College in England 1993-1995 (please see my transcript and Newbold College graduation photo)

So now I would like to ask if you have any kind of job so we can pay people what we owe them.

Here are my husband’s and my CVs:

Jasmine Finances: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jasmine-radcliffe-94829823/

Jasmine Multi Media: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lovejasmine/

Nicolas: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nicolasradcliffe/

we both deeply pray for God to light our paths where we can be of the most service as His witnesses and may God give you special Blessings for this

First time in my life I am doing this but now I’m sharing that my husband and me also registered verein in Switzerland 2 years ago http://lovelstzy.com but never accepted any money. If you know of a Foundation that can help us for this Month of December so we don’t need to go and ask for Social help we would greatly appreciate it and if we get a job in Church, we can contribute more to the Church.
Attached is an orange slip and our non–profit pay pal is : info@lovelstzy.com and if anyone would like to help us with fundraising and be part of the Board even temporarily as an Advisor we would greatly appreciate it

a Gift Card from Alnatura or Coop would also help us with food (We eat raw plant based food like in the Garden of Eden) below is our mailing address

I also created a sermon/job application video 24 minutes: https://youtube.com/watch?v=bvGfejKcNCY

and before that after 24 years I created a Sermon/INTRO video 12 minutes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MxVBPeq-Ohg

Also attached are photos we took with Renee Alvarez from Zurich English Group Church, Maca Marijana Vasiljevic a Bible worker from Belgrade and Lidija Djordjevic Runic a professor of Theology at SDA Theological Seminar in Belgrade who was also presenting at TED Reach Europe conference in August in Belgrade where I met with President Ted Wilson and spoke briefly.

Have a beautiful and God blessed day! :)

Jasmine (and my husband Nicolas Radcliffe) Swiss B permit residents
Lovelstzy Association
Grundstrasse 55
Stäfa 8712